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The facts are clear. Despite spending the most on healthcare, and taking the most pharmaceutical drugs, the US is continually ranked as one of the sickest populations in the developed world by the World Health Organization. Conventional medicine is crucial for emergency and trauma care. However, we have an epidemic of chronic diseases in America, and the pharmaceutical based model has become little more than disease management, which often leaves Americans taking more and more medication to chase their symptoms.

Dr. Gorla has been practicing a wellness model of healthcare for over 16 years, with an emphasis on promoting optional function, so that the patient not only gets well, but stays well. He was honored to speak at Harvard Business school on the topic of Type 2 Diabetes applying his wellness model.

"A Healthier You" Wellness Program

Created by Dr. Torrey Gorla, “A Healthier You” Wellness teaches individuals how to engage with their body’s innate healing capacity. These practices cover the 5 essential keys to resolving the underlying stressors that lead to chronic health conditions. The 5 key pillars that must be applied to reclaim health are proper assessment, balancing hormones, nutrition, detoxification, and exercise/fitness. Each patient that is accepted into Dr. Gorla’s program has a personalized wellness plan created for them as he guides them through each of these 5 pillars.

About Dr. Torrey Gorla

Dr. Torrey Gorla strives to help people understand the best doctor is their own body. When given the proper support, our bodies can often return to healthy function at most any age. His passion is to help people achieve and maintain their healthcare goals.

Having treated over 30,000 patients, Dr. Gorla is a specialist with over 15 years experience and understands the frustration of people who are trying to achieve wellness in a healthcare system that focuses on symptom management rather than identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem. He consults with people all over the country to help them regain their health.


BS, Clinical Psychology with Honors
University of Rhode Island

MS, Oriental Medicine
Completed in 2001
Advanced Clinical Training In: Women’s Health, Anxiety and Depression
Integrated Oncology, Saint Vincents’s Hospital, Sante Fe, NM

NMD, American Naturopathic Medical Institute
Post-Graduate Degree Completed in 2013


DAOM, Doctorate Candidate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
Program is focused on evidenced based internal medicine with concentrations in immunology, endocrinology, and cardiology.
Capstone Research & Literature Review Topic: Chinese Herbal medicine efficacy in the treatment of asthma.
Supervisor is from UCLA Medicine
Degree Will be Completed in September, 2017


“ I have not felt good since I had mono 30 years ago but conventional doctors never listened.  The initial labs Dr. Gorla ran showed numerous issues, after taking the recommended formulas and following Dr. Gorla’s plan, the second labs showed just a few remaining issues.  I now have so much energy; I can have activities scheduled every day where before if I did something active one day, I was “in the bed” for two!!  My life has improved in so many ways.  I didn’t realize how “bad” I felt until I felt “good” again. I can plan activities with friends and family, shopping trips, sight-seeing trips, etc. and know that I will feel good all day and still have energy when I get home.  My sleep is improving along with my health.  I’m off blood pressure and acid reducing meds.  I’ve lost 28 pounds in 4 months!  I can even tell that my posture has improved due, I’m sure, to the exercise plan.

Elizabeth T.

““I was feeling terrible and not showing any improvement.  I was overweight with lower back pain, high blood pressure and high sugar levels.  I could not stand up very long on my feet and didn’t have any stamina.  A relative of a friend had been to see Dr. Gorla and was pleased with the results.  I made a phone call and got an appointment.

I started a Wellness Program and in 4 months  had lost 37 pounds and lost 50 pounds in 7 months.  I have lost more than 51/2 inches in my chest and 5 in my waist.  My A1C (blood sugar marker) dropped from a 8.1 to a 5.8.  My daily readings are all acceptable.  I feel much better and have much more stamina.  I am also able to do my mowing and yard work.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Gorla!”

Mike R.

“ At my initial consult, I requested help for my anxiety for which I had been taking medicine for about five years.  I was hoping to find a drug-free solution. During the evaluation, Dr.  Torrey explained that anxiety can often times be a symptom of other imbalances, and he asked about my health history.  In addition to my anxiety, I also have a history of infertility, endometriosis, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and a slew of “slightly off” lab values, all of which conventional medicine had told me they had “no cure for” or it is “isn’t a big deal.”  Through Dr. Torrey’s investigative eye and thorough blood, saliva, and stool labs, we were able to find the root reason for my myriad of health problems.  Now I am on my way to being healed for the first time in my life through targeted supplementation based on my lab results and medical history.   I am incredibly grateful for the care I have received from Dr. Gorla because conventional medicine had left me completely empty handed.”


“I was sleeping 13 hours a day and was still exhausted!  I also was having abdominal pain and excessive weight loss with ongoing bouts of unpredictable diarrhea.  I was miserable.  After my consultation with Dr. Gorla, I decided to take control of my wellness! After following my individualized wellness plan, I am now free of abdominal pain, food intolerances, bouts of diarrhea that I have suffered with for over 20 years!   Dr. Gorla is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, but he’s also compassionate and approachable.”


Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

The facts are clear.  Year after year, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the US as one of the sickest populations in the developed world, despite the fact that we spend more money on healthcare and consume more pharmaceuticals than any other nation.  The truth is, the conventional medical model, while crucial for emergency medicine, is very poor at resolving chronic, recurrent health problems.  Our system is one of disease management and not healthcare. The goal of healthcare should be to get people healthy.

In the body systems are interrelated and “cross talk” so as one system becomes dysfunctional it often has a negative affect in other systems.  As these dysfunctions are not addressed, chronic disease develops, leaving you chasing symptoms with drug therapies, while the inflammation worsens.  This is often devastating not just to the individuals suffering with the dysfunctions, but also families.

Dr. Gorla discusses how using functional medicine can help.  Functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of the problems, and help the body to function properly again. He outlines a path to wellness, using his proven step by step system, and relates some real-life wellness success stories.

The following 4 areas often need to be addressed to reclaim ones health:


Endocrine / Hormone Imbalance


Brain / Nervous System Imbalances


Immune Dysfunction


GI / Gut Inflammation

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